Friday, 31 May 2013

My Birthday And The Queens :)

Kia Ora Everyone I just want to say Happy Birthday to the Queen 3rd Of June 2013 and I would like to say Happy Birthday, I hope many many of your grand daughters or family will wish you the best and My Birthday is on 1st of June I would wish my birthday can be the best birthday ever so far  I don't mind if it's cheap at least I get to spend time with my family and laugh all night and day :) AND LAST TIME HOORAY FOR THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY AND I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK TO THE OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO HAS A GOOD OCCASIONS OUT THERE. :) AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

Monday, 20 May 2013

On the 9th May 2013 the top senior block went on a trip to the Stardome, and learned about Space Travel. When we got there I was shivering with paleness and lots nerves wrinkling down my arms and I had many Goosebumps covered all over my skin, because I was very excited. When we walked into the Stardome it was a very huge auditorium and lots of chairs that had unusual style it was seated laying down and when My group sat down we had to look at the ceiling and it was kind of scary cause we felt like we were going to fall backwards but we got used to it.We had this Program Organiser that took us around and his name was Mr Andrew.He told us these rules we had to obey or we won’t see the fun part. So we started to watch the movie it was showing us this movie about out of space and the astronaut was acting in the movie.It was very suspenseful.We had this professor who was creating space astronaut.They remind us that we can never breathe out of space we only can float not just the human float but everything it was so surprising I was saying to myself “I wish I can go and visit out of space and see how it feels like floating”. Later on we were looking at stuff about our heart pumping 25% slow and our bacteria moving around our body.It was kind of disgusting but I learned to cover my eyes.Just after 10 minutes we watched this spinning wheel it was going very fast and just if you stay and spinning for 5 minutes your going to black out. Many Many Minutes later we were studying about stars above in the night sky there was stars that makes a picture of some animals like sea horses and there were different pictures like a Orion Belt,Matariki and signs of the zodiac and it looked very unknowing but I got very suspicious with it so it was awesome to go there I wish I can go there again NEXT YEAR I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT SPACE TRAVEL.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Poem

It is a Rainy Day I wish I can Play I might get wet I bet My parents will Reject. It's Sunny we went outside but there was leaves everywhere HERE AND THERE. I love Springs I think it brings lot of cheer When there is lots of leaves everywhere. I love Winter Because I get to play on the snow I can Throw it on people's face gently But they might get hurt recently

In The Holidays...

In the holidays my Uncle’s side of the family and I went on a wonderful long trip out of town, We went to Travel all the way to Orewa we went to camp there and we passed the Ice Park, When we got there it was very cold I shivered and I couldn't stop. So I asked My Uncle “Ofa that why is he so big like Tane Mahuta” so he did not reply but I felt like I’m in south pole in the freezer, when we made a campfire I nearly had the whole spot to myself. We Stayed there for 1 whole week The most thing that I liked it was I get to go and swim in the beach and get to know people around the world.Every night we get to have dinner with my uncle when we come back from swimming and we get into the shower and we wash ourselves. We always have soup or chicken for supper and every morning we get up and we have breakfast around 6:00 am We know it is really early but we got used to it and so after we have breakfast we went to have a long walk around the sand when I got to the sand I felt so soft and when it smoothed into my toes I felt like I was going to fall asleep but it was to hot. While Later we went for a cool swim it was very cold but I had to deal with it and it was getting much fun .So when we hopped out had a fun fair volleyball with my cousin’s it was very tiring so we stopped for a break but my cousin William he was very tall and fit like a shot ball thrower he loves to do tricks on everyone and become a magician so he got very hot and started to go swimming. So when we finish from Orewa we traveled back and I thought to myself when will I ever go back to that place again??. If you want to visit some of the site in Orewa Just Click Here