Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Reflecting on our basketball!! ..!

In basketball we had the courage to have a lesson with a constructor and her name is Stephanie short for (Steph) and she had the opportunity to teach us how to play basketball and gave us some trick it was so awesome. In each groups there have to be 5 in each team and all the others have to be a sub so we had to play against 5 people in the other team. I have learned that we had to be enthusiastic with sports and we had to share against each other and we had to participate with our peers in our groups, It was difficult when we have to defend other opponent to get the ball off them, we had to dodge around with the ball and step the other groups so we can get to the end and make a shoot so we can get a try,The most part I liked is how we had fun and played with our friends and had a smile at the end but it was very tiring and some of us were dehydrated and sad because it was our last lesson for this term and we had to give our thoughtful thank you to Steph for the most sporty lesson of all.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Zoo Trip :)

Auckland Zoo!
On Friday 4th of April 2014, Room 7, 9 was going on a trip to the Auckland Zoo to find out information about NZ NATIVE PLANTS & BIRDS.

First, when we got there we got divided into equal groups where our caregivers and our teachers were settled. When we were ready we had to go to a small room  on bench seats, we had to squeeze up really tight so we have room for the next class to fit.

Afterwards we met up with the instructors who directed us around the zoo to show us the birds and plants us through the animals that we were able to see their names were Laura, Richard and John they have taken us on a orientation and we had to go with John at first.

Mrs Raj was our group teacher along with Miss Anderson after we settled down into lines John guided us to a lizard room where all the lizard can become invisible at times and we had to stay quiet so it can come out it can stand the warmth of the sun.  

Later on we had to lead out of the Native room and meet up with Laura on the way while we were walking we had to switch to another group like were had to switch constructors and we had to go with Laura and explore many different birds.

While we were with Laura we were visiting different kind of birds and while we were there I felt really satisfied and cold it was freezing like we were visiting Antarctica. So when we explored more beautiful birds we didn’t find it beautiful after Gemima and Anamanu got a good luck from one of the birds. We also explored some of the history trees like the Kauri tree which lived for so long and we saw the Nikau tree when we were done. From there we rotated again and went with Richard.

Meanwhile we were with Richard he led us to the eels and explained how the life of the eels in the Zoo. He stated “when one of the female eels are near of giving birth they will swim all the way to the ocean of Tonga and the babies will swim back to their own parents”  ...Wow how smart is that, it’s like they have visions or some track on their parents. Lols.

Afterwards we had a tiring afternoon  we had to meet up at the end and we had to spread to our group and go and visit other animals it was quite tiring at times we had to visit most of the animals and we get to see strangers and help them out and use our manners.

When we were all done we had to travel back on the bus all the way to school and when we were finish it was after school it was the most enthusiastic trip I have been on so far.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spelling Bee! (Literacy)

Yahoo!! I have visited Studyladder on the website, I have been on Literacy and went on Spelling Bee and it had helped me with my spellings which helps me do my test during my school time, I have visited this literacy Spelling Bee oftenly for these past few weeks and it helped me spell better or write correctly in my Astle Writing Test! It has helped me for many work education and it can help me understand life time. :) :) I love visiting Literacy. Visit Click On Me You can create yourself one but ( WARNING!! Ask your parents for permission or ask your caregivers) Have a good time and explore your time on STUDYLADDER!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

All About Diabetes and how can it be caused.

Many people they can have diabetes for many different conditions, they would have it because they each so much sweets and it would contain diabetes in other ways they could have it, when sugar cannot enter cells, a high level of sugar builds up in the blood. This is called hyperglycemia.It can contain a lot of  bad situations and can lead you sometimes to death and it can make our brain our body out of balance which it take you to stress you out and when you can have a lot of brain damage.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Today I have been competing other people around the world on Sumdog and it has been helpful from my learning at home and studies at school today and have been  learning my mathematics while I was on it had some strategies that was very hard and it had some good examples.You can even make up a style of your own and make it stylistic and make it any colour you want :)
If You Ever Want To Visit Just Click On Me!! Here are some Photo's you can see before you visit the website :) Have a Brainatic time :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Well today I was spending time on Study ladder on Spelling and Mathematics it was amazing and awesome we had to learn about our maths and equations and answers we had to be competing with other people around the world it was quite hard.We had to do different Studies and different Subjects.

Sunshine Online :)

Yahoo!! I just visited Sunshine online in a website and it was a website where you can read a lot of books around your age it can help you learn well in your reading and other stuffs.It can help you describe on what is your task bout it can help you understand a movie.
Here is a Link that can help you visit the website just click on Me!!! Here are one of the photo's I have read.