Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection

How has having a Netbook helped my learning?
The Netbook has helped me by doing my work faster and how to search for information and it helps me with my learning.It would give me some ideas of how to present, my work on the projector and help to Create, Learn and Share work with others.

Has having a Netbook helped  you communicate with your teacher?
Yes, We can share it on our email. We can go on the same document on our netbook and we can share it to other students in our class.

What have you learnt online?
I have learnt how to read books and share with others with our work.Go on different sites and leave some comments on other peoples blogs.

What have you learnt from your friends?
I have learnt that you can share information with your friends, and how to put files in the folders.

Have you helped other people this year?
Yes,I have shown students in my class how to get to different sites, Have also helped students gain confidence by showing them how to get on to work a Netbook properly.

How has digital learning helped your learning?
I have improved on my maths , reading and writing through digital learning I have picked up on my typing skills and have learned to blog and comment on other students blogs.

Friday, 6 December 2013



On Tasks

Obey the rules!!


Support each other

Evidence of thief


Extra helpers

Never takes stuff into peoples hands!!!

Happy Day!!!






Developing with others 

Apply to help


Butter Chicken

Today Friday the 5th 2013 The Year 7 went to technology to do some cooking, we had a lot of fun cooking.

When we came to the last session, we had to go into a different kitchens and we were taught how to make Butter Chicken.

We had to go in steps. It was quite hard but we had to get in to two or three groups to make it easier. When we got the hang of it, it was easy to make it straight away and when we were finished we had to make a big clean ,because we were the last class who did cooking for 2013 we have learnt a lot of ways how to cook and we have learnt how to work together in a group, It was very awesome I wish the Year 6 would enjoy it on 2014. !!!! :)