Friday, 22 August 2014

Logic Puzzle

WALT: Solve problems by cross referencing clues.

We solved how many food each people gets and I found it really enthusiastic to learn more maths and I had a lot of experience, I found it average to solve.

 Inline images 1

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae Kwon Do...

Hooray! Room 10 including the teachers, had been taught how to defend yourself, by using our strength and effort to defend yourself and others we were taught by Tae kwon do and had a instructor and her name was Yu Sensei and she had long straight hair that is always held up by a headband and who always wear a robe ‘don’t know why? maybe tradition’, she was very mid high length, who led us around the skills we can use to defend yourself while you are alone and in a bad condition.

After we were settled to start with our skills, we came by 2 or 3 equipments that can be use to demonstrate how to use our skills and take our strengths to the next level, after Yu had finish her instruction on how to Kick high and low while you have a shield around your face and how to roll up your knuckle to protect your palm and fingers,we had to line up into 3 ordinary lines and we have a student who take turn to hold the equipment while we concentrate how to use our own skills and we had to move anticlockwise so we can move onto the next objects.

As we were finishing up with our skills, we had to stand up and get into a big circle and played a game which was called Helicopter and Fire.It was such a blast can’t wait for the Next lesson in Tae Kwon Do.