Thursday, 20 February 2014

Socially Responsible Person

I think someone that is Socially Responsible is when they look after belongings and property,and that helps others by helping them out with tools at home,bringing guests in with a nice greetings and being respectful and helping our folks when she/he prepare sweet for the guests.

Someone that is Socially Responsible is when they help little kids out in work, when they make people have smiles on their faces every single day, when they respect people when they are lonely.

When they use their manners at all time when they are around public people from around the world,when they are responsible for their wrongdoings.

From Nunia.


Atelaite tangimausia taufa said...

Hi Nunia I love your words you are describing to be a Responsible Person Keep up all The good work.

Stephanie Parker said...

Great explanation Nunia. You clearly identified some of the criteria for being socially responsible. Excellent.
Mrs Parker

Nunia said...

Thank you, Atelaite and Mrs Parker I know I'm The best hehe Jokes.

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