Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sounds / Syllables to softball

Teens can play soft ball - 5

You can be hit in the face - 7
It is dang-er-ous - 5


Thursday, 6 November 2014

How can we develop a healthy life

Wow! How can we develop a healthy life?

We can develop a better life by eating 5 + A Day, and do exercise oftenly, we have to have many sleep to make our brain function properly and drink water every single day, most importantly have shower everyday.

Why do we have to stay healthy?

The reason we have to stay healthy is because we keep alive longer, have stronger muscles and do more flexes with your body, it helps your brain function properly and keep up with your action, and have strength to carry or push an object, help germs stay away and keep it clean.

When do we have to start staying healthy?

When you have trouble breathing in any way, can’t function properly, can’t make the action you were predicting or you have a bad eyesight or hearing, have weak muscles and losing balance.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Why is it important to sleep 8 hours every night

Woah! Why is it important to have 8 hours of sleep?

It helps your brain to function properly and have a good mood and it gives you full energy for the next day and keeps a smile on your face.
How do you fall asleep?

It depends when and how you sleep, it can take up time and what time you go to sleep, how much energy you have used up and how tired you are.

What happens when you are asleep?

It lets the body relax, but the body is still functioning properly and still messaging your body on how to act, it helps you breathe and calms your muscles down.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tree of life

  1. List the parts of the tree that are useful and how

drinking, cooking, eating
Body and Hair
cups and bowls
building, equipments
fish trap
roof and walls

  1. This story refers to the coconut tree as ‘the tree of life’.  Explain in as much detail as possible,  why it is the tree of life in your own words.
    1. Its called the tree of life because it has a story of life behind it

  1. Explain the connection between the Tuna and the Coconut
    1. When Tuna died Sina got his head and buried it and watered it every day and it grew into a tree and grew coconuts
    2. Tuna is the tree

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Hollow (p.16)
Dent, Hole, Crack
Monsieur (p.14)
Its another meaning of Mr.
Et Voila (p.14)
You found the place or in words “thats it”
Rhythm (p.15)
Beat, sound
Peek, look, stare
held, grabbed, hold,
place, surrounding, object

  1. This is a popular legend also, have you heard it before? Where? and how is this version different? If not, can you find another version of this legend and record any differences.

  1. Tuna's name is Hiro and was cursed to transform into an eel for life unless...
  2. Sina’s name is Hina
  3. There was a curse that made prince Hiro turn into an eel
  4. Hina ran away and refuged and refused to marry an eel

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Whats for lunch

We had to record what we had for lunch for the whole week or what we have for dinner. What’s for lunch? by Ken Benn
Connected 1 2006

WALT: Analyse information, relate it to myself and make evaluations
SC: We will record our own healthy food graph and make recommendations based on what we find.

1. Complete your own healthy lunch chart for the rest of this week.

Food type

Sweets, cakes, chips etc.

Meat, cheese, eggs, dairy, nuts etc

Fruit, vegetables, wholegrain breads etc.

  1. Why do you think it is important to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains breads or rice?
    1. Because it is healthy and keeps you strong
    2. Keeps your lungs, kidney and heart stay alive
    3. Makes you feel fresh and energetic

  1. Mr Kenna suggested that they swap their salami cheese sandwiches for tuna and salad. What things in your lunchbox do you think you could swap to make it healthier?  SHARE
    1. Chocolate Muesli bar for mixed veggie salad
    2. Pie for Apple Pie

Athletics Recount

Today Room 10 had an amazing experience in high jump, some we had to go for running, the boys had half of the time to take turn on the high jump, the girls had to run two exhausting times around the whole field some three time, after we had finish our time we had to rotate to the next activities.

My experience in high jump was not fascinating it was a tiring, irritating and terrifying experience for me we had to jump 110/112 centimeter high, we had to have some tips first we fail then the next we doing good when we experience the height we had to have some warning on how to experience it.  

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


The holidays are a two weeks break from school, between Term 3 and 4 during the month of October. During the holidays I spent time at funerals, playing volleyball and celebrating birthdays.

Why do we have holidays?

Holidays are important because they can help us relax, it is time off school, and time to spend with the family. When we are away from school we can have a lot of adventures with our family, it can give us more time to get prepared for big occasions.

How we can spend our holidays??

We can spend our holidays with our family and friends, play sports on courts, travel and look around the world.

In the holidays I had one week and a half crying and mourning. This is because we had to live without one of our elders who passed on. We had to stay strong for the love ones, stop crying for the family and the kindhearted people who had shown up for the lost one.

Two days after the dreadful week and a half, we went to relax at the beach and spend the time with our extended whanau and spread smiles on their faces mixed with laughter. We had spent a couple of hours telling stories and spent many more hours doing fun activities and playing volleyball. There were six of us and we had to divide ourselves into two groups of three, had to challenge each other and playing beach volleyball with the net that had been set for us. After a fun filled few hours we said our goodbyes to our relatives who live overseas.

The next interesting and fun loving activity I was involved in was my nephew's first birthday. We had a big meal together. After the meal, we presented a fine tapa cloth. The celebration continued with fun activities on a big bouncy castle for the children, a dancing floor for the adults to dance and play with the birthday boy, and have some performances to share with the family and for speeches and laughter. At the end we got to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy and they thanked us for coming and I was pleased that our day went off brilliantly.

On the whole, my holidays were quite good. I spent quality time with my whanau and friends doing things that were relaxing and fun, yet not forgetting to grieve for my grandma.