Friday, 2 August 2013

My Portraits

Kia Ora We are learning how to do portraits on photo booths and upload them on to the photo shoot and drag them into the blogs, we have learnt so far was how to use computers and upload stuff into our learning project we were trying out sketching and painting o our faces and we were using lots of zooms and colors. I hope you would enjoy coming to tech and learn lots of amazing stuffs.


Mrs B said...

Hi Nunia. Love what you are doing with your netbooks and Photobooth. You sure seem to be having a busy learning year.
Mrs B

Nunia said...

Yes Mrs Boyer It was Quite Hard But It Was Funny Any Way

Mrs Tofa said...

Great stuff Nunia, did you try other colours? Maybe change the Glenbrae school uniform colour from blue to your favourite colour.

Nunia said...

Mrs My favourite colour is blue haha but you are on something right there haha!! :)

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