Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Cyclone About Fiji

Bola Vanaka Fiji, I have a Report to give to you people in Fiji. I would like to say, I heard about the Cyclone and it is blowing the big waves  in the ocean and it is making a big damage. In your country but only your homes are damage but there is no one has got hurt in the cyclone but their home is gone.Take care and keep on moving don't give up you are doing well.!!!!!

The Important Cyclone in Samoa

Here is a News for Samoa,  I have a report for you, I have heard that there is a big storm coming to you Samoa people and take care and keep your self out of disease. I heard that your water is polluted in bad stuff that comes out of your house like your toilet, bathroom, sink and hose take care and be very fast.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tutpup!!! so cool

Here is a site for all of you. It's called Tutpup and it can help you with any mathematical ideas. I would like you to visit the site and you can even sign up. I will put  up a link and you can just click it and it will take you to Tutpup, I will really be happy if you make a comment and I hope you like this site Good Luck.