Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mrs Taogaga last week

Kia Ora everyone in the whole wide world and how are you?
I had a teacher and her name was Miss Taogaga  We will miss her  I am so happy and comfortable around her so when she is gone I will miss her voice and her teaching cause she is the best teacher that I ever have been taught by and I will be sad for a couple of days.
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I have her a photo of Miss Taogaga and is she beautiful! Her cultures are Maori and Samoa  I am not looking forward to her leaving Glenbrae School and it will be a very hard time for me cause I would not be able to forget her this year.


Last day of ALIM(:

In Week 10 we have been doing Pirate Crews:WALT Solve problems by making equal shares 
e.g. 12/4=3
Today on the 27/6/12 is the last ALIM that the students will have extra maths and we want to tell Mrs Moopanar  thank you for teaching us how to do maths strategies and Mrs Moopanar, I really appreciate all the hard work that you have shared with us and good luck on your HOLIDAYS!!!!!.(: