Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fraction Flag 1/3

Kia Ora everyone I have made a fraction flag showing the fraction 1/3 and it is cool because I can make it my own design. The only thing that I don't like it is that they choose the colour for us but I don't really mind.

*****Stop The Clock*****

Tena Koutou Kotoa.I have a link and a game that will help you alot in your maths.It is called Stop the clock.
Here it is if you want to play just  CLICK HERE  Ka kite ano everybody.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Taonga by Nunia

Kia Ora to you everyone it lovely to see you on my blog and I have put up a blog about my mum's trophy and she had won it because she has worked like a Eagle Eye Security and I was totally proud and I thought I have a great mum in the whole wide world.I am proud of her cause she work every night, days, hours, minute and second.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My Holidays

Yahoo!! It the Holiday today and I have cool plans to do in the holidays so I am gonna go to my cousins birthday and his birthday was presented in the movie and we had so much fun I would never forget that time and we are going to come back to my uncles house and we had a feed but we didn't get much people there it was just a couple and I was so upset that I didn't get to bring.Some present for him and that I was tired that night so I asked my mother that I can stay at my uncles house and she said"yes" that I can stay here so I stayed but after that we had to go to.Bed after everyone was eating we got all tired and that I had to go say bye to my mother and to all my family. So that was my holiday.!!!!

Fraction Flag

Bula Vanaka everyone this is a design that I have done in my learning time and you can do any pattern that you want and it is very fun to do I like this pattern cause I have done it in my own way.

I know it is a 1/2 because both colors have the same amount of numbers, cause for a e.g there are 24 squares in all together so half of 24 is 12 so I know that it is shared in equal cause there are 12 is colored in.
Namaste Everyone. How is your day?. This is a picture of Aotearoa, even when you cut through Aotearoa you'll see the morning sky or the night sky through the mountain and then the river and rocks plus the niho of the taniwha and the big clear blue sea  because we are learning about Maori so far this term this is how far I have been. I am very proud and happy of myself, I would like to learn more and more about Maori stuff. 

Tell the time

Hola everyone. I have a link for you and it called tell the time and you can play on it but it can help you out with your time if you are stuck. CLICK HERE and it is very very fun.

Math Whizz

Hola everyone I went into a tasks that my class had to do and it called Math Whizz Have you ever played this before in any class time? So if you ever want to try it out just CLICK HERE HAVE FUN!!

Lights.Camera.Action :Sound

Tena Koutou everybody, and how are you? I have a site that I just got off and its called Lights,Camera,Action: sound and you have to make the film right and you go step by step help and there is heaps of list that can compare to the action of the film.
So e.g there was a couple that was going for a picnic in the forest and they were going for a love trip or a spooky trip or a sad trip for any couple and the first one was a love and beautiful sunset trip.
Next was a spooky night trip and all of them was correct.
I had so much film lesson that I learn.
I learnt that the sounds and music are an important to the atmosphere mood