Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Cyclone About Fiji

Bola Vanaka Fiji, I have a Report to give to you people in Fiji. I would like to say, I heard about the Cyclone and it is blowing the big waves  in the ocean and it is making a big damage. In your country but only your homes are damage but there is no one has got hurt in the cyclone but their home is gone.Take care and keep on moving don't give up you are doing well.!!!!!

The Important Cyclone in Samoa

Here is a News for Samoa,  I have a report for you, I have heard that there is a big storm coming to you Samoa people and take care and keep your self out of disease. I heard that your water is polluted in bad stuff that comes out of your house like your toilet, bathroom, sink and hose take care and be very fast.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tutpup!!! so cool

Here is a site for all of you. It's called Tutpup and it can help you with any mathematical ideas. I would like you to visit the site and you can even sign up. I will put  up a link and you can just click it and it will take you to Tutpup, I will really be happy if you make a comment and I hope you like this site Good Luck.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Scary Elevator Created By South Korean

Hello Everyone.How are you?
This is an  elevator and it's very terrifying, it is like that you will fall in a long black tunnel, you wouldn't be able to see anything.It's been created by South Korean technology company LG apparently, put up a prank on visitors who are going in the elevator.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Math Whizz

Kia Ora I went on Math Whizz, it was outstanding I had fun if you want to try out but you have to have a log in and a password, CHECK IT OUT!!!. Thank You for reading I really appreciate it. I would be very proud if you made a comment.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Taking Care

Hello everyone Glenbrae School has been researching different kind of sharing and taking care of others and ourselves.I hope you will enjoy my presentation.I would be very pleased if you made a comment.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Shape and Space

Gobble Gobble Gobble! I was on Math Whizz and I was playing shape and space it was fun we have to choose which is right and if you want to visit Math Whizz just !VISIT!AND HERE IS A PICTURE FOR EVERYONE TO LOOK AT.......

Barack Obama

HIP HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! The President live for another 4 years and his name is Barack Obama and we are very proud.
He is the president of U.S.A and they should be very happy.
He was choose to be the President cause many many people chose Barack Obama to be their president, it is very thoughtful for them.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guy Fawkes

Yahoo!!!! :) 5th of November It was Guy Fawkes day. We traveled to my uncle's house because we were having magnificent fireworks to shoot up into the air.It was so fun and amazing like we are in a 3D movie.We bought big Moon Strikers for the children and the adults.We were in suspense because we never knew what's gonna happen while they fly into the air.My family and I had a feast before we had the fireworks.Just after a while we went inside to catch up on a movie. It was nearly sunset so we brought the Moon Striker outside and we gathered up so we could see the real picture of a firework.When we saw the fireworks they look like dandelions.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Kia Ora My name is Nunia. There is a big storm coming by to rush through America, I heard all of you have to move out of your houses and go to a better place that is safe. Take care of your family and be very fast.

Visit this link : Nunia

Monday, 24 September 2012

A dog that loves cabbage

Kia Ora Everyone  
Would the dog get the cabbage?.My Hypothisis is that the dog will get the cabbage.The dog loves to eat cabbage he was jumping everywhere to get to the top so he can get to the cabbage.But he dropped the cabbage and it fell onto his head.I think that the dog has a good talent.So my hypothisis was perfectly right.If you would like to watch this clip just CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hit the apple Fraction Fiddle

Kia Ora Have you ever played Hit the Apple? It is an excellent fractions game and can really help you learn about your fractions. It goes like this.
First you look and the target
Second you try to make it on the line- don't make it too high, don't make it too low
Third you look at the number that you will try to get on and here is a picture if you look on the right hand corner it shows you points so I have 5 out of 5 and I learned alot.Can you see the =1 you have to try to make it up to that number on the target.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fraction Flag 1/3

Kia Ora everyone I have made a fraction flag showing the fraction 1/3 and it is cool because I can make it my own design. The only thing that I don't like it is that they choose the colour for us but I don't really mind.

*****Stop The Clock*****

Tena Koutou Kotoa.I have a link and a game that will help you alot in your maths.It is called Stop the clock.
Here it is if you want to play just  CLICK HERE  Ka kite ano everybody.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Taonga by Nunia

Kia Ora to you everyone it lovely to see you on my blog and I have put up a blog about my mum's trophy and she had won it because she has worked like a Eagle Eye Security and I was totally proud and I thought I have a great mum in the whole wide world.I am proud of her cause she work every night, days, hours, minute and second.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My Holidays

Yahoo!! It the Holiday today and I have cool plans to do in the holidays so I am gonna go to my cousins birthday and his birthday was presented in the movie and we had so much fun I would never forget that time and we are going to come back to my uncles house and we had a feed but we didn't get much people there it was just a couple and I was so upset that I didn't get to bring.Some present for him and that I was tired that night so I asked my mother that I can stay at my uncles house and she said"yes" that I can stay here so I stayed but after that we had to go to.Bed after everyone was eating we got all tired and that I had to go say bye to my mother and to all my family. So that was my holiday.!!!!

Fraction Flag

Bula Vanaka everyone this is a design that I have done in my learning time and you can do any pattern that you want and it is very fun to do I like this pattern cause I have done it in my own way.

I know it is a 1/2 because both colors have the same amount of numbers, cause for a e.g there are 24 squares in all together so half of 24 is 12 so I know that it is shared in equal cause there are 12 is colored in.
Namaste Everyone. How is your day?. This is a picture of Aotearoa, even when you cut through Aotearoa you'll see the morning sky or the night sky through the mountain and then the river and rocks plus the niho of the taniwha and the big clear blue sea  because we are learning about Maori so far this term this is how far I have been. I am very proud and happy of myself, I would like to learn more and more about Maori stuff. 

Tell the time

Hola everyone. I have a link for you and it called tell the time and you can play on it but it can help you out with your time if you are stuck. CLICK HERE and it is very very fun.

Math Whizz

Hola everyone I went into a tasks that my class had to do and it called Math Whizz Have you ever played this before in any class time? So if you ever want to try it out just CLICK HERE HAVE FUN!!

Lights.Camera.Action :Sound

Tena Koutou everybody, and how are you? I have a site that I just got off and its called Lights,Camera,Action: sound and you have to make the film right and you go step by step help and there is heaps of list that can compare to the action of the film.
So e.g there was a couple that was going for a picnic in the forest and they were going for a love trip or a spooky trip or a sad trip for any couple and the first one was a love and beautiful sunset trip.
Next was a spooky night trip and all of them was correct.
I had so much film lesson that I learn.
I learnt that the sounds and music are an important to the atmosphere mood

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mrs Taogaga last week

Kia Ora everyone in the whole wide world and how are you?
I had a teacher and her name was Miss Taogaga  We will miss her  I am so happy and comfortable around her so when she is gone I will miss her voice and her teaching cause she is the best teacher that I ever have been taught by and I will be sad for a couple of days.
 Ingnore the Click to view or drag to your de

I have her a photo of Miss Taogaga and is she beautiful! Her cultures are Maori and Samoa  I am not looking forward to her leaving Glenbrae School and it will be a very hard time for me cause I would not be able to forget her this year.


Last day of ALIM(:

In Week 10 we have been doing Pirate Crews:WALT Solve problems by making equal shares 
e.g. 12/4=3
Today on the 27/6/12 is the last ALIM that the students will have extra maths and we want to tell Mrs Moopanar  thank you for teaching us how to do maths strategies and Mrs Moopanar, I really appreciate all the hard work that you have shared with us and good luck on your HOLIDAYS!!!!!.(:  

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Roots Of empathy by Ally.F

Hooray! Room 10 was learning about Roots of empathy There was a lady called Ally and she was one of the team of roots of empathy. She taught us how to take good care of people is felling because some people have kind gentle helpful hearts and felling just like babes they are the same amount heart as adults.

Next we were given a question from Ally she said "what we thought a three month years old baby can do"So we said nothing but "GO ON THE WEBSITE"!!!! so we all went on the website on Mrs Boyer's laptop to see the things that a  three month years old baby can do.

Third we made a list about roots of empathy
and we had heaps of idea it was fun we wish we can see the baby other times


Thae Cheeky Monkey

Kia Ora everyone have you ever read Cheeky Monkey?
if you ever read this funny story it will make you really get
keen to this story because it makes you laugh and makes you have a headache when you laugh so much.

Once there was a monkey and a little girl she lived in a house and she was sleeping and when she woke up she went outside and she sawed a monkey that is sleeping in her tree house so she went outside and said"GET OUT OF MY TREE HOUSE NOW!" BUT.....he didn't listen he just poke tongue at her so she got very purple with anger and he was always trying to have an idea how to get that monkey down.
In week 4 for ALIM I  learnt to subtract by splitting numbers into parts instead of counting on. eg 14-6 is the same as 14-4=10-2=8

 it is fun in ALIM and ALIM means accelerated in learning in mathematic


good morning everybody i have been on Mathematician for a long time so i just won this certificate today on 21.05.12 and it was fantastic i learn heaps of addition division subtraction & multiplication and you should try it you will get very smart and you will be called smarty pants hahaha!!


In Week 5 for ALIM we learnt to add two-digit numbers where the sum of the ones digit is less than ten.
eg. 34 + 23 is the same as 3 groups of lot 2 groups of lots 2 group of 10=50 and 4+3=7 so 50+7=57.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In week 4 in ALIM we have been practicing how to split numbers by counting backwards in stead of counting on
example:86-8 so i split up the 8 into a tidy numbers from backwards so it like this 86-6=80-2=78 and if you don't understand just look and the photo on the screen.

I learn this thinking from our class learning ALIM teacher and she is Mrs Moopanar and she is the best teacher as for ALIM in the whole world cause she takes this work easy for everyone.

Same as Room 10 teacher and her name is Mrs Boyer she always show respect and she always love to help people when they need help.

Did you ever notice that ALIM means accelerated  learning in mathematic

Try it is fun you will be so extra smart!!!!  

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Soil and growing plants

Hi have you ever seen a soil mixed up with plants, well if you are keen to see it just CLICK HERE  a it will take you to the sight of soil and plants.
And here is a picture for you to see when they are mixed up together.

King of Tonga has died

Kia Ora everyone have you ever heard about the king of Tonga he died because he had kidney and it was mourning  when he died we were so sad but we have to still show respect to him because he is the king of his country.

When it was raining they have to sit still even it was raining I felt so mourning when he passed away.

So I went home and had a chat with my family about the king of Tonga so they said"we have already  notes about that in the morning the day after when he died" we were shocked our  heart was shocked too we were so unhappy all our heart was beating so fast that we were so scared that we lost our country's king.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Cute three dolphins

Malo e lei
I am learning about dolphins because they are my favourite animals in the sea  I like dolphins because they live in the ocean I am so into dolphins don't you because they are so fun to play with in the holidays.
If you are keen to learn about dolphins you are welcome to go on it just scroll to the bottom and you will find a link that can take you there it called CLICK HERE.

I just wish if I can be a mermaid so I can play with them in the ocean and I can live in a magic world that has magic things in the world.

Would you like to be a mermaid?


Monday, 19 March 2012

Mathematics Basic Facts

Kia Ora I have been doing some Maths Magician and I have been on the maths that has maths basic addition and subtraction in it , it was kind of hard but I made it in no more than 2 minutes if I made it in 4 minutes then I got to practice my basic facts in 2 minutes then I will be good on my basic facts.

Second I had a another go I still didn't get it and it was 5 minutes so I tried and tried but I still didn't get it, so I tried again and guess what.....

Third I went on then I got it  I was so furious when I won the certificate  and I was so surprise for myself and I got it in 0 minutes and 28 seconds.

Flower Pollination

In Room 8 Room 10 went for a rotation we learned about Flower Pollination in their we had a peaces of paper that was blank and we have to do some facts about Flower Pollination and we just found out that a flower can have two flowers stucked together it can be a male or a female.

Second we had a call out if we were right and then the bell rang so that was the end.

Third we went to class and had morning tea.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warriors who won the match By Nunia.N

Hi everyone have you seen the newspaper that the Warriors won the match on rugby it just came this morning and we were so surprise that the warriors won.

Second I love the part when the other team was trying to tackle the warriors down but they trained hard so they can't get tackle then they got tackle but they didn't got tackle because they trained.

Third I put a picture to explain how strong they,the warriors are good
 at rugby.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Roots Of Empathy by Ally.F & Room10

Hooray! Room 10 was learning about Roots of empathy There was a lady called Ally and she was one of the team of roots of empathy. She taught us how to take good care of people is felling because some people have sensible felling and same as a baby.

Next we had to answer a question from Ally she said"what do we thought that what can a three month years old babes can do".So we said"WHY CAN'T WE CHECK THE WEBSITE" then we check the website on Mrs Boyer's laptop there was heaps of babes that three month years old are doing.

Third room 10 and Ally were making a list about  what can a three month years old babes can do when he is that kind of age and we did all the list on a big of a blank peace of paper.

Ally Room10

Friday, 2 March 2012

Mathematics Basic Facts

Kia Ora how are you today have ever play on this mathematics on line well if you want just CLICK HERE  and good luck on the games.

I will show you how to play just click on addition nor subtraction nor multiplication nor division neither them then on the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 neither those then start playing you will have a minutes with second waiting until you answer all the question that you see.

Here is a picture to you can see how it looks like.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi everyone how is your day for the 1 of March 2012 Thursday
Have you ever seen this flower before?
Well it is your lucky today because you're looking right at it with pink lovely petals and this has a female and male stuck together the male is on the left so the female is on the other side.

par6ts of the males part on the flower is called stamen and the other parts of the men are called anther and the other parts is filaments.

Now it time for the female is parts is stigma and other one is style and last one is ovary.