Thursday, 24 May 2012

Roots Of empathy by Ally.F

Hooray! Room 10 was learning about Roots of empathy There was a lady called Ally and she was one of the team of roots of empathy. She taught us how to take good care of people is felling because some people have kind gentle helpful hearts and felling just like babes they are the same amount heart as adults.

Next we were given a question from Ally she said "what we thought a three month years old baby can do"So we said nothing but "GO ON THE WEBSITE"!!!! so we all went on the website on Mrs Boyer's laptop to see the things that a  three month years old baby can do.

Third we made a list about roots of empathy
and we had heaps of idea it was fun we wish we can see the baby other times


Thae Cheeky Monkey

Kia Ora everyone have you ever read Cheeky Monkey?
if you ever read this funny story it will make you really get
keen to this story because it makes you laugh and makes you have a headache when you laugh so much.

Once there was a monkey and a little girl she lived in a house and she was sleeping and when she woke up she went outside and she sawed a monkey that is sleeping in her tree house so she went outside and said"GET OUT OF MY TREE HOUSE NOW!" BUT.....he didn't listen he just poke tongue at her so she got very purple with anger and he was always trying to have an idea how to get that monkey down.
In week 4 for ALIM I  learnt to subtract by splitting numbers into parts instead of counting on. eg 14-6 is the same as 14-4=10-2=8

 it is fun in ALIM and ALIM means accelerated in learning in mathematic


good morning everybody i have been on Mathematician for a long time so i just won this certificate today on 21.05.12 and it was fantastic i learn heaps of addition division subtraction & multiplication and you should try it you will get very smart and you will be called smarty pants hahaha!!


In Week 5 for ALIM we learnt to add two-digit numbers where the sum of the ones digit is less than ten.
eg. 34 + 23 is the same as 3 groups of lot 2 groups of lots 2 group of 10=50 and 4+3=7 so 50+7=57.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In week 4 in ALIM we have been practicing how to split numbers by counting backwards in stead of counting on
example:86-8 so i split up the 8 into a tidy numbers from backwards so it like this 86-6=80-2=78 and if you don't understand just look and the photo on the screen.

I learn this thinking from our class learning ALIM teacher and she is Mrs Moopanar and she is the best teacher as for ALIM in the whole world cause she takes this work easy for everyone.

Same as Room 10 teacher and her name is Mrs Boyer she always show respect and she always love to help people when they need help.

Did you ever notice that ALIM means accelerated  learning in mathematic

Try it is fun you will be so extra smart!!!!