Thursday, 20 February 2014

Water Fun Day

On Friday 7th of February 2014

Glenbrae Students had a unbelievable Water Fun Day,
All the classes had to get into their House colours and get into lines we had to spread into lots of enthusiastic activities, Mrs Ripata led us to the first Activity.

Our House colours went to the Obstacles Race we had to Participate with our group to lead us to come first, it was so exhausting we had to go underneath 4 attached chairs, we had to stand up and sprint to the house colour bucket and pour the water into the bucket.

While we were participating Mrs Tofa blew the whistle and it was the meaning of stopping and lead our house colour to the next exciting activity we were led to the Slippery Slide.

When we were at the Slippery soapy slide we had to take turn and go by two house colours per person we had to held a cup in  our Palm and fill it up with water to glide down the slide and get to the other side of the ground and sprint to the bucket and fill it up.

Socially Responsible Person

I think someone that is Socially Responsible is when they look after belongings and property,and that helps others by helping them out with tools at home,bringing guests in with a nice greetings and being respectful and helping our folks when she/he prepare sweet for the guests.

Someone that is Socially Responsible is when they help little kids out in work, when they make people have smiles on their faces every single day, when they respect people when they are lonely.

When they use their manners at all time when they are around public people from around the world,when they are responsible for their wrongdoings.

From Nunia.