Friday, 31 October 2014

Why is it important to sleep 8 hours every night

Woah! Why is it important to have 8 hours of sleep?

It helps your brain to function properly and have a good mood and it gives you full energy for the next day and keeps a smile on your face.
How do you fall asleep?

It depends when and how you sleep, it can take up time and what time you go to sleep, how much energy you have used up and how tired you are.

What happens when you are asleep?

It lets the body relax, but the body is still functioning properly and still messaging your body on how to act, it helps you breathe and calms your muscles down.


Stephanie Parker said...

Well Done Nunia, You have used your bullet points to form clear sentences which explain the topic really well! I am most impressed with your writing so far.
If you wanted to make this a complete explanation you would just need to add a quick introduction to define 'What is sleep' and a short conclusion telling of any special features of sleep, eg. dreams.

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