Wednesday, 15 October 2014


The holidays are a two weeks break from school, between Term 3 and 4 during the month of October. During the holidays I spent time at funerals, playing volleyball and celebrating birthdays.

Why do we have holidays?

Holidays are important because they can help us relax, it is time off school, and time to spend with the family. When we are away from school we can have a lot of adventures with our family, it can give us more time to get prepared for big occasions.

How we can spend our holidays??

We can spend our holidays with our family and friends, play sports on courts, travel and look around the world.

In the holidays I had one week and a half crying and mourning. This is because we had to live without one of our elders who passed on. We had to stay strong for the love ones, stop crying for the family and the kindhearted people who had shown up for the lost one.

Two days after the dreadful week and a half, we went to relax at the beach and spend the time with our extended whanau and spread smiles on their faces mixed with laughter. We had spent a couple of hours telling stories and spent many more hours doing fun activities and playing volleyball. There were six of us and we had to divide ourselves into two groups of three, had to challenge each other and playing beach volleyball with the net that had been set for us. After a fun filled few hours we said our goodbyes to our relatives who live overseas.

The next interesting and fun loving activity I was involved in was my nephew's first birthday. We had a big meal together. After the meal, we presented a fine tapa cloth. The celebration continued with fun activities on a big bouncy castle for the children, a dancing floor for the adults to dance and play with the birthday boy, and have some performances to share with the family and for speeches and laughter. At the end we got to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy and they thanked us for coming and I was pleased that our day went off brilliantly.

On the whole, my holidays were quite good. I spent quality time with my whanau and friends doing things that were relaxing and fun, yet not forgetting to grieve for my grandma.


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