Thursday, 29 May 2014

Recount about Long Bay!!...

Hooray!! Room 10 and 9 had a fantastic trip to Long Bay to study about WAVES!!, But before we have to arrive at Long Bay we had to walk to a humongous Bus in one ordinary lines but we had to line in our classes, when we got into the bus we had to greet the bus driver while we went by the minute we have been settled down we got the opportunity  to sit across or next to our friends but not for long, we had to get comfortable for the next 1 HOUR.

After we arrive at Long Bay we had to get out and the weather was shivering cold and it was windy, it could just blow me all the way to Antarctica and it was freezing, after 1 whole hour after we got to Long Bay we had to be separated with  our family peers and teachers we got led to a little house to spread into each house groups and we got settled down from Mrs Raj giving us her attention and when we were finish we got to have break time at first and we had to sit down and have a little rest before we explore the life of the waves.

Later on when we were finish we had to line up and sit down in our groups we got greeted by the instructors and we greeted them back by saying good morning, their names were Laura, James and Sarah we had Sarah in Kowhai and James in another house colour and Laura in the other, Sarah took us to explore the creatures that were living in the waterpool and we got to see the beautiful creatures we were lucky enough to find some starfish and crabs, we were so lucky then while we were finish we saw a big jellyfish it was enormous and we found two but one was dead and one was still alive.

At the end we had to meet up at the little house,we were done and Joseph thanked the instructors for touring us around Long Bay and it was inspiring and it had made our class keen to come back to Long Bay and learn more stuff and before we came to the little house Sarah had warned us “Hey guys before we go out there it is very slippery and some of us have to be open eyed and there was a big talk going around and this place is for NO LITTERING!!!!” and we were warned by that and it was quite enthusiasm and I was bursting to go their again.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Loopy Person

We Learnt To:

  1. Measure body parts
  2. half each measurement
  3. use the halved measurement to create a loopy person 

It was easy to glue all the parts together and take a photo of it.

It was hard halve each measurement so, I attended a workshop to learnt how to halve each measurement,

My Photo:

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Orientation of School Presentation...

Today 08th of May 2014, Glenbrae School had a Orientation about our presentation and we had to ask questions and present our hardworking. We had to separate into each classes but we had to go and visit our other peers who made their work in their classroom and, some students had to miss out some of the work that the Juniors have done and we had to leave out some students cause they had to present their sharing work with the other classes... :) :) :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Feelings

My Feelings,

Start of the year, I feel excited to get on with our studies,
I feel keen to roll on to our work, I feel confident meeting my deadlines this term,
I would be able to finish my work with a euphoric feeling inside me, I am willing to finish my work at the right time, I would want might teacher to be inspired with my work.

My Feelings.